Case Study: Winfresh

After 5 years of dedicated custom the leading banana trader in the Windward Islands contacted Communicate UK to design and implement a new gate automation and access control system at their Winfresh UK banana ripening centre. Located in close proximity to Stansted airport the 11 acre site boasts state of the art ripening and production facilities with the capacity to ripen over 5 million boxes of bananas annually.

The staff at the world renowned ripening centre needed to control the access of large artic lorries and every day visitors into the rapidly expanding site.
After a visit from Communicate’s specialist access control surveyor it was decided that Communicate would install an intercom system with the capability of interconnecting with a Paxton access control system and their telephone system, with a dedicated number on all telephone handsets programmed to open the main entrance gate. It was also decided that the existing CCTV system would be upgraded and all staff would have the ability to view the CCTV images from all of their computers in order to have complete control on who is entering and exiting the site.

By making the most out of the existing gates on site, Communicate’s in-house fabricator was able to keep the cost down whilst ensuring the existing gates were custom fabricated to fit their new purpose and comply with the relevant safety standards.

From gate fabrication and ground work to electrical supplies and automation programming, Communicate was able to undertake all work in-house yet again saving Winfresh money on multiple subcontractors.

With the main shareholders of Winfresh being the Governments of the four Windward Islands, St. Lucia, Dominica, St. Vincent and the Grenadines and Grenada, Communicate have yet again provided and implemented a bespoke access control system for a world class organisation.

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