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At Communicate UK we are committed to providing fire alarm solutions that ensure your property is fully protected from any risk of fire. With only one in four businesses recovering from a fire, and more than 10,000 affected by fire damage each year, it is now more important than ever to have the best system installed, which not only meets your requirements but also meets current legislation.

We have a full team of engineers on hand who can share their expertise and knowledge on reducing fire risks and how to tailor a system to suit your environment, from the installation of early warning detectors, to industrial fire suppression systems.

The type of system you need will depend on several factors including the structure and intended use of the building, and any qualifying legislation. Your fire risk assessment will at the very least require the installation of a basic manual fire alarm system such as a Break Glass Unit, these are often the most visual indication of a fire alarm system and are instantly recognisable. For more complex requirements we offer early detection systems for smoke, heat, and CO2.

Systems can also be extended throughout other buildings and can be linked to sprinklers, public address systems, and emergency lighting and can be primed to deploy a suitable extinguishing agent such as foam, powder, inert gas or C02 extinguisher to the affected area.

All our systems can be covered through a cost-effective maintenance contract giving you peace of mind all year round.


Commercial Fire Alarm Systems

According to Home Office statistics, every year there are more than 100,000 fires in buildings, and around 500 people lose their lives.



Fire Alarm Systems for Schools & Gov

Strict regulations are set out by the government when it comes to fire safety and all companies must appoint a responsible person to manage fire safety.



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