Air Sampling

Air sampling systems are used as a great method for early warning fire detection this type of technology uses an advanced intelligent smoke detector that actively draws air into its sensors through a pipe network around your building constantly sampling for any traces of smoke in your building airflow.


  • Cold Storage
  • Shopping Centres
  • Airports
  • Prisons
  • High-Security Access Areas
  • High Net Worth Domestic Properties
  • Perfect for when interior designers won't allow a traditional smoke detector to be on show

The Titanus Micro-SENS

The compact and cost-effective air-sampling smoke detection system.

TITANUS MICRO·SENS® air sampling smoke detec­tion system was developed as a cost ­effective solution for monitoring small to medium ­sized spaces and equipment. With the optional ROOM·IDENT, this device makes use of patented technology that enables it to monitor up to 5 rooms or facilities and to identify the source of the re alarm.

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Titanus Pro-Sens

The universal air sampling smoke detection system; The Titanus Pro-SENS.

TITANUS PRO·SENS® is a universal air sampling device for a broad range of applications. The high degree of modularity of the device makes it possible to achieve a cost ­effective solution – customised to suit the specific needs of the customer.

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Titanus Top-SENS

The full-featured air sampling smoke detection system

TITANUS TOP·SENS® was developed to serve a wide range of applications with the highest specifications. The system has a 3-stage alarm system and a smoke level display in bar graph form. It can also be fitted with an Ethernet network card.

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