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More than 110,000 people live in historic Chelmsford, the only city in Essex. The area’s diverse economy includes retail and leisure as well as engineering and electronics companies. As a large settlement, Chelmsford experiences a number of crimes, averaging 200 per month. However, residential, public and private sector clients of Communicate UK are protected from these incidents by our state-of-the-art government-approved security systems, as well as our deep understanding of the risks faced by property owners in the local area. 

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Home Security Chelmsford

Just over 11 per cent of all criminal incidents in Chelmsford’s three police districts were burglaries, equating to around 22 burglaries per month. The risk of being targeted by such a crime can be significantly reduced with the help of Communicate UK, specialists in the installation and management of state-of-the-art household alarms and CCTV equipment. Our experts can help you select the most appropriate systems as regards your property, security needs and budget.

Business and Retail Security in Chelmsford

Burglary, arson and criminal damage account for nearly 14 per cent of crimes in the Chelmsford area. When a business is affected by such crimes there is an immediate financial cost, but there are also the knock-on effects of down-time and increases in insurance premiums. Harnessing the latest in security technology can reduce or eliminate the chances of being affected by such crimes. 


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From engineering firms to transport terminals, from retail units to office-based business, here at Communicate UK we help commercial operations of all kinds and sizes to protect themselves against burglary, arson and criminal damage. Our intruder alarm systems are especially effective against criminals, featuring an audible deterrent as well as the ability to call keyholder numbers and contact the local police. These systems can be fitted to doors, windows and perimeters and are monitored 24/7.

Fire risks can be managed by our advanced fire alarms and extinguishers, while preventing unauthorised personnel from entering a premises is possible with our state-of-the-art standalone or networked access control systems.

Government and Education Security in Chelmsford

Government and public service establishments can also harness the protection of our advanced security systems. Schools, nurseries, hospitals and local authority premises can access the same industry-leading systems as our residential customers. However, we understand that public sector establishments have differing needs – particularly in determining who is and who is not permitted on a given premises. Here at Communicate UK we have extensive experience in ensuring authorised individuals can access services and buildings with a minimum of inconvenience.


National Security Inspectorate Gold Accredited!

Our residential, commercial and public-sector clients rest assured that our systems and services meet the high standards of police, fire, rescue and insurance providers – with our National Security Inspectorate Gold Accreditation

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