Event CCTV

CCTV services are required by most large events, to maintain event security and ensure a safe and secure environment for all present. Communicate UK have supplied many world-class organisations with temporary CCTV for events including Christmas Markets; Music Festivals; Outdoor Events and other popular hospitality events.

Every event is different, which is why we offer a wide range of scalable security systems and monitoring options depending on the size and operational requirements for the event.

  • Remotely view your CCTV system from any mobile device.
  • Qualified CCTV operators.
  • Advanced rapid deployment of equipment.
  • Full support throughout your event with CCTV Engineers on site 24 hours a day (if required).
  • Free no-obligation site survey and quotation.
  • Keep a watchful eye on your event from anywhere in the world.


  1. All our CCTV Systems are designed and manufactured in the UK.
  2. Every camera we install is password protected.
  3. All our IP Cameras are High Definition.
  4. Recorded footage supplied to the client on a hard drive at the end of an event.
  5. Our CCTV Footage will stand as evidence if required in a courtroom.
  6. Our cameras are set up within the Data Protection Act requirements.
  7. Our CCTV Systems meet licence requirements.
  8. FREE CCTV signage required to be displayed by law is provided for every install.
  9. Discounted security support from Fire Extinguisher and Emergency Exit Signage Hire to Two-Way Radio hire.
  10. Manned Security Packages available including SIA Licensed trained CCTV operators and event stewards.

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Manage your event CCTV with total coverage

Our wireless CCTV cameras can be located anywhere throughout the venue providing total coverage, which can be controlled and viewed from any laptop, tablet or smart-phone with access to the network.

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Rapid Deployment within 24 hours

Our advanced rapid deployment service means we can get your event up and running within 24 hours, in most cases from the first phone call. We can also provide qualified CCTV operators to manage your event or to work seamlessly alongside your own staff.

We offer top of the range discreet equipment suitable for any event. Whether you have a pop concert to organise, a carnival or festival to protect, please call our CCTV for events team on 01245 429200 to discuss how we can help.

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The RedCop™ CCTV system

RedCop™ is a trailer-mounted, CCTV security system designed for rapid deployment to remote and vulnerable sites. It is delivered to the site and set up within minutes which is perfect for temporary, semi-permanent, changing and remote security requirements like large construction, utility, industrial and public spaces where it may change so can be rented on a weekly basis.

It comes with a 24/7 monitoring service, which allows trained operators to provide around the clock site surveillance, from the moment it is installed. The operators can react immediately to site incidents as they occur, warning intruders to leave the site or instigate a mobile site response or police call out.

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RedCop™ has a PTZ camera and up to four fixed cameras for video surveillance and PIR detectors for alerting operators to any site intrusion. It has a 72-hour battery life, so it can be used where mains power is limited or non-existent. RedCop™ has wheels, so it can be easily moved around a site as surveillance requirements change.

RedCop™ is delivered to and removed from the site and is rented on a weekly basis.


Redcop is ideal for temporary or semi-permanent CCTV applications. It comprises a Redvision X-SERIES™ Dual-Light rugged dome camera, optimised for low-light conditions, mounted on top of a 6m telescopic tower. Four static, 2MP IP cameras provide continuous site coverage and Genesis wireless PIR detectors sense site movements or intrusion. Audio functionality allows operators to communicate with site visitors or warn off intruders.

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Event CCTV was founded in order to provide essential security surveillance and monitoring services where required.

Our aim is to assure event organisers and those they have a duty to protect that their safety is being monitored by sophisticated surveillance systems deployed and monitored by professionals. Your safety and security is our priority.

We do this by providing the latest technology in CCTV across the UK and offer bespoke solutions to your requirements due to each project presenting different needs and risks.

Get in touch with our qualified and friendly team today to discuss your security requirements - 01245 429202.

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PTZ Camera

A Redvision X-SERIES™ dual light PTZ (pan, tilt and zoom) camera mounted on a 6m tower. The X-SERIES™ camera operates in ZERO conditions, providing reliable surveillance, day and night.


High gain combined 3G/4G booster antenna ensures reliable communication to the central station. PIR receiver antenna communicates to PIRs within 1km.


Up to 4 static cameras to provide continuous coverage of the site. These cameras can either be twoer mounted or deployed within 80 metres of the RedCop.


PIR (Passive Infra-Red) detectors which sense movement on site, alerting operators immediately if an intrusion occurs.


Audio functionality so operators can speak and listen to people on site. Operators can warn off intruders and would-be thieves or issue verbal instructions to site visitors.


The RedCop™ high-security monitoring station is BS5979: category 2 certified. This is essential for entertainment and event licenses, keeping site insurance premiums low and proving a duty of care to staff.


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