Smarter ways to protect your home

We understand that security can sometimes be a begrudged payment and that most of our clients love a new tech toy, by blending these two ideas together now means that it's not just the home security that you can control remotely from your mobile app anywhere in the world.


  • Android and apple-based mobile applications
  • Remotely control your home lighting from your mobile phone
  • Create recipes so in the event of an alarm activation lights can be triggered throughout your property giving the impression that you are at home.

Keep track with the app

The Smart Home app ensures you have full control over your home, making it even more secure.

The app is compatible with smartphones (iOS and Android), tablet devices (iOS and Android).

Automate your home

If you can’t be home when it goes dark, you can give the impression you are. Use your smart device to turn on the lights before you arrive back. We can link your TV, home lighting system, electric gates or even a radio to your burglar alarm system so you can remotely operate them from anywhere! The possibilities for remotely controlling appliances in your home are endless all from your phone.

Set Recipes

Recipes are a user-friendly way of describing the programming actions that are used for automation. The Texecom Connect App is programmed based on cause and effect.

Example recipes include, "when I enter through my front door and it is dark outside, turn on my hall light" or "when someone is detected at my front door, send a notification message to my phone".

A range of recipes can be grouped into system modes, so certain recipes only take place depending on the mode of the system (in the examples above, you might want to have the app message when someone is at your front door to occur in modes when you are away from the premises).

Monitor & Control your home from anywhere!

Full mobile control of your Intruder alarm system now means that you can arm and disarm your burglar alarm system from anywhere in the world. Or better still remotely look at when your alarm is being set and unset! Perfect for keeping an eye on what time the children are off to school or how long the cleaner should really be invoicing you for!





What Our Clients Say

"After Communicate UK updated our Intruder Alarm, we decided to update the CCTV System to add some internal cameras and to enable remote viewing."


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