Why choose Communicate UK?

Not happy with your existing Provider? Perhaps the service levels have dropped after a recent buyout or quite simply your maintenance costs have gone up again!

When you decide to switch your existing system over to Communicate UK we understand that you are placing the protection of your property in our hands and in exchange we believe in giving a little back...

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What is Changing?

When you say it's Changing,

it's Upgrading !!

By 2025, all the telecom providers have plan to upgrade their existing Analogue phone lines to Digital everywhere & the rollout across the UK has already started. This will not only affect analogue phone lines but also everything connected to them including your Security Systems!

Why now?

Though 2025 is years away, it needs Planning to Upgrade...

You need enough time to plan the upgrade of systems connected to your current analogue phone system which includes Intruder & Fire alarms, CCTV, Door entry systems, Audio-Visual systems at your home and business alike as they have to be upgraded before your area adopts fibre!

How can I switch or upgrade my System?

If you don't make the switch, your current intruder alarm system and fire alarm system may not be fully supported in the future. However, there is no need to panic.

The professional security engineers of CommunicateUK makes it simple to change and upgrade your existing alarm system with no downtime!

Why CommunicateUK?

All our Intruder & Fire alarm systems, CCTV, Access Control, Audio-Visual systems, operate via Wi-Fi which means your alarm is future proofed. We cater in all sectors whether its domestic, retail, licensed, commercial or industrial.

All our security packages come with:

  • Free no-obligation site survey
  • Professional installation
  • 24/7 Monitoring with online login to view your sites
  • 24-hour telephone support
  • 24 months guarantee on all parts and labour
  • 4-hour response time in the event you require an engineer to your site

Not only that, but with CommunicateUK's Smart Alarm systems, you have full control. Using the app, you can set, automate, and personalise scenarios that suit your needs. We can link your TV, home lighting system, electric gates or even a radio to your burglar alarm system so you can remotely operate them from anywhere!

The possibilities for remotely controlling appliances in your home & business are endless all from your phone!

Talk to us today! Our incredible staff members are always there to help you...


Free of charge no obligation to take over survey and quotation.


Assistance on getting out of any existing contract you have in place even with a large national!


Dedicated Customer Account Manager.



24 hour 365 days a year UK Based Monitoring.


24-hour emergency contact number to our on-call in house experienced Engineers


4 hour response time in the event you require a fire or Burglar alarm engineer.



25% reduced callout fees.


Next working day quotations.


Dedicated Maintenance Engineers that over time will get to know you as well as your property.



Free On-site Security Evaluation



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