Case Study: V Festival

When you have 85,000 visitors and countless celebrities in one place their health & safety is paramount. The V-Festival in Chelmsford covers a vast area and CCTV is the only option to monitor such a large crowd over a wide area.

Management explained to our Communicate engineers that they needed to be able to monitor all access points at the perimeter of the venue, but also required the ability to monitor the crowd throughout the whole venue. Several offices across the site were used by security teams and the police, each requiring access to the live videos.

After a site survey the Communicate engineers recommended the installation of a hard wired CCTV camera solution at strategically placed sites across the venue. To achieve full coverage we recommended 12 fully operational dome cameras. These cameras are movable using a joy stick controller to enable viewing across a wider area. We also recommended 5 fixed cameras where movement wasn’t needed, and were fixed on a location.

Such was the complexity of the installation that we recommended a man on site throughout the whole event. In the event of an emergency or equipment failure our on-site engineer would be on hand to deal with the situation.

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