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The Royal Hotel, Southend on Sea

The Royal Hotel

Based in a prime retail high street location, The Royal Hotel is an iconic listed property built in 1791 as a former haunt of Royalty and Aristocracy! 

Sympathetically restored in 2015, this beautiful building now serves as a busy cocktail bar, lounge and restaurant in the heart of the seaside town, Southend on Sea.

Communicate UK were appointed to install their security solutions including a monitored fire alarm, monitored intruder alarm and high-definition discreet CCTV system.

Our Challenge

The process of restoring a building which is listed has clear challenges one being the security of the building throughout the restoration.  With a listed building, we also had to work closely with the builder to ensure installation of the new systems were discreet and met listed building regulations. 

There were a number of challenges: Firstly, first fix needed to secure the building and provide peace of mind for the owner who was able to monitor the building remotely. 

Secondly, our engineers needed to work closely with the building contractors to work within their timescales for the restoration. 

Thirdly, the design of the security systems needed to meet the high standards of the licensing conditions for a licenced building of this type.

 The Solution

Andrew Miller, Managing Director, Communicate UK conducted an in depth site survey working closely with the building contractors to design the installation in two stages.  The first being an Intruder Alarm system and a basic CCTV System to allow the owner to view cameras remotely securing the building at night to meet the Insurance Company requisites.

Second fix design had to meet the licencing conditions and requirements from the owner.  Each security solution had specific requirements as follows:

Monitored CCTV System

  • Cameras that were positioned discreetly;
  • Large storage hard drive to allow for a minimum of 30 days recorded footage in case of a police enquiry;
  • External cameras that recorded both day and night footage;
  • Remote monitoring from a laptop to allow the owner to view their business at all times.

Addressable Fire Alarm System

  • Wireless smoke detectors and wireless fire call points in areas of the building where it was not possible to hard wire.
  • Addressable system to allow for activation information to be stored in the main control panel.

Monitored Intruder Alarm System

  • The alarm had to be installed by an accredited Company with Police Response to meet requirements of insurance company

The Result

Since its refurbishment, The Royal Hotel continues to be one of the most popular hospitality businesses within Southend on Sea.  Communicate UK continue to work successfully installed systems and the ability to monitor their business remotely and provide a safe and secure environment for their employees and their customers alike. 


“From the start of this project, we have been very impressed with the security solutions Communicate UK have provided both initially during the refurbishment and the final end result.  Their knowledge and understanding of the requirements of both a listed building and a licensed premises ensures we always have a maintained and police monitored working system that supports our Insurance Company requisites.  We are particularly impressed with the quality and service of the engineers on site who work discreetly to maintain the systems whilst we are serving our customers.”

Terry Garrett, The Royal Hotel, Southend on Sea


“Communicate UK were delighted to be appointed to support The Royal Hotel through the restoration of this beautiful building.  It was a challenging project but was very pleased with the end results.  The engineers worked extremely hard to ensure impact on the restoration project was minimal and I am delighted that we continue to support this wonderful hospitality business on an ongoing basis”.

Andrew Miller, Managing Director



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