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Make 2019 your safest year yet!

Make 2019 your safest year yet

New Year can be the period for reflection and often a time to set new personal goals but how many of you include keeping your loved ones safe. A few simple home security resolutions really will rid you and your family of bad habits and deter that intruder!

Here are some quick and easy tips on making your home safe for 2019…

  • Whether you live on a busy street or in the middle of nowhere, outside security lighting that senses movement is part of any good security package for both the front and rear of your property. Make sure they are tilted correctly to ensure they don’t come on when next doors’ cat visits!
  • Still leaving a spare house key outside ‘just in case’? Don’t. Burglars know every hiding place going. How easy for them to access your property if they have a key!
  • Park your car on your drive. If you are going away ask a neighbour to park on your drive. Opportune intruders really don’t want to meet you so if they think there is somebody home they will usually move on.
  • Use your deadlock. How many of you just shut the door and get in the car. By not using your deadlock you are making your home an easy target.
  • Lock your shed and put away those ladders and other tools that can aid an intruder to gain access into your home.
  • Stop posting your location on social media. Yes, it’s tempting to tell all your friends you are checking into the airport but cyber-stalkers are actively looking for empty properties!
  • Pop the TV on when you go out. It does go against the grain a little to leave the TV on but instead of popping a light on in every room, just leave your TV on and one light as it is more likely noise will deter thieves.
  • Ask a neighbour to put your bins out and pick up your mail if you are going away. Most burglaries happen in broad daylight and it is really easy to see if somebody is away if they have a pile of post on their mat!
  • Undertake an audit of your home. Look at entry points and how you might be able to improve upon them from a safety aspect. Whether it is installing new or extra locking systems on doors or changing garage or entry codes.
  • Remember to shut AND lock your windows. If you live in an older property with windows that currently do not lock look at inviting a locksmith in to quote for new separate window locks.

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  • Make a plan in case the unthinkable happens and there is a break-in, fire or other incident.
  • Finally, look at your home as a burglar would see it. Do you have the right security system for your property and the area that you live in? Does your neighbours in your road have Intruder Alarms; CCTV and Automated Gate Entry Systems? If they do then it really is worth keeping up with the ‘Jones’ as these all act as a deterrent for organised thieves.

If you want to really ramp up the security on your home then make sure it is with us and opt for our SMART technology that allows you to view your home remotely. It will give you and your family the peace of mind that you are safe when you are at home or away!

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Smart Home Alarms

Smart Alarms are the newest thing and give you total control over your home.  Let the cleaner or dog walker in via your phone even if you are not at home.  These systems allow you to remotely access your alarm from your smart phone activate and deactivate in seconds while you are on the go.

You may want a cleaner or dog walker to come in while you are at work.  You can unset the alarm remotely from your smartphone then activate again in seconds while you are on the go.

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How Communicate UK can help!

Communicate UK have a team of friendly installation engineers available to meet demand across Essex so if you are jetting off and still haven't sorted out who is looking after your property while you are enjoying a sangria then give us a call 01245 400044 and ask for Pat or Glen.  Or send us an email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Why choose us?

  • 25+ Years Alarm & CCTV Installation knowledge and experience
  • NSI Gold Accredited Approved Intruder Alarm Installer
  • Family-run business based in the heart of Essex
  • 24 hour telephone service
  • All our Intruder Alarms are designed and manufactured in the UK
  • Over 2000 happy Intruder Alarm and CCTV customers in South East of England

Why use an NSI Gold Installer?

An NSI Gold Installer has been inspected by NSI and their processes and practices in their business approved against standards to meet important regulations.  An NSI Gold Installer will tailor all your security solutions to you personally within your budget offering a quality installation that complies with law every time.

As part of this scheme, we provide 24 hour monitoring and maintenance contracts with a 4 hour response for all maintained customers. 

 quotesI have been using Communicate UK for over 25 years for our Intruder Alarm and CCTV System for my property and other members of my family properties across Essex.  We have moved several times over the years and the support we have received from the team at Communicate has been fantastic.  Their engineers are experienced, flexible and friendly and the systems they have designed have incorporated the latest technology to ensure my family, my property and valuables are always safely monitored even when we are out of the country". 

Mark Albon, Managing Director, Albon Engineering


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