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How to Keep Your New Start Up Safe from the Outside In

When it comes to starting a new business probably one of the last things you are going to consider is how secure your new premises are.

You’ve just opened, costs have escalated from rent, shop fitting, stock, to marketing material there is little start-up capital left so why invest this in securing your business premises?

There’s more to being mindful than simply bolting the front door when you leave for the day. Let’s ponder the adaptability and sophistication of modern criminals. The methods they are turning to mean that they no longer need to jam a crowbar into your window frame (although some will still try).

You need to dissuade intruders at every point of entry by using SMART security systems. Depending on the size of your new enterprise, here are some of our services that will secure your premises to deter criminals:


Installing CCTV Cameras at your business both inside and out will help deter opportunist burglars from setting foot on your property – their very presence is a major deterrent.

Our CCTV Camera systems are SMART. They record both day and night swapping over to black and white as soon as daylight or lighting levels drop at your premises with the use of state of the art infrared lighting.

You can remotely view your cameras from anywhere in the world. We connect the SMART system to your existing internet router allowing you to live stream through any mobile device.

Record footage for a minimum of 30 days gives you peace of mind that you have at least a month to realise an event of interest has taken place before the evidence is overridden. Footage is easily transferable to a USB Stick to be used by the authorities for any police investigation.

Every CCTV System can be scaled up or down to meet not only the size of your premises but also the value of your business. For example, if you are a factory with expensive equipment then it makes sense to not only install cameras on the outside but inside the factory too.

Smoke Cloak


You can’t steal what you can’t see! Most property loss occurs in the initial minutes of a break-in. With our Smoke Cloak within minutes of the break-in the protected area is filled with impenetrable cloud of fog. This provides an effective barrier and forces the intruders to leave the premises.

This is perfect for offices with expensive computer equipment or jewellers who need to protect their staff and their valuable stock.

SMART Intruder Alarm Systems

Over 56% of small and medium UK businesses have been affected by crime in 2018. Our SMART Intruder Systems allow for 24/7 control with remote access. Combine this with keyholder or police response it allows for peace of mind 365 days a year. Link your perimeter beams to your SMART intruder system and you will receive an alert on your mobile phone when a beam has been activated. Perfect if you have a large area to secure.

Security Lighting

Sensor lighting around your premises interior and exterior will deter burglars from attempting to enter your premises when you have left for the day. The position of the security lights externally can also be important to improve the quality of your CCTV footage and enable a clearer identification of a suspect.

Automated Security Gates

If you have moved into larger premises with a yard or garage, it is worth investing in security fencing and automated security gates. With the enhanced protection of a gated entrance, your property will look safer in the eyes of an insurance company. It also provides a safe environment for your staff to arrive and leave your building and protect their vehicles.

Access Control


For larger companies, access control systems help you regular who, or what can access a specific place or a specific resource. Door access control systems and keyless entry is becoming more common for property managers, building owners and even small businesses. These systems provide employees secure and safe access to their place of work.

The system is smart enough to be integrated with other operations and security systems. Alarm monitoring that will take action if an intruder does get in, and software that will track time and attendance for your employees, which is a great feature for businesses who pay based on a timesheet.

How Communicate UK can help!

So your new business is live and you are really busy. Let us take the hassle away from identifying security issues with our FREE security health check. One of our security surveyors with over 25+ years’ experience will visit your premises and conduct a review of all your security from the locks on your door to the existing Intruder alarm.

If you would like a Security Health Check for your new business get in touch with Pat, Glen or Andrew today on 01245 400044

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As part of this scheme, we provide 24 hour monitoring and maintenance contracts with a 4 hour response for all maintained customers.

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