Case Study: Nike

This household name in sportswear called on our services when they urgently required assistance at their Head Office in London. Their new building had been incorrectly wired up and needed urgent attention. Our rapid deployment service was invoked and our team of engineers worked tirelessly day and night over a weekend to deal with all their issues. In addition to this, we installed a bespoke Access Control and Intercom system to ensure the security of the staff and building at all times.                         



Case Study: Bennetts Funerals

Bennetts Funerals is a longstanding family run business that began way back in 1891. It serves the vicinity of Essex with over 100 years of experience in arrangements that are respectful and sensitive. To further maintain the integrity of this business, it needed to continue to move with the times and upgrade its security.

We were approached to install our sophisticated and up-to-date systems to provide security to their fleet of impressive vintage vehicles and that the site was properly secured. 

After having inspected the site, looking for blind spots and areas for improvement, we discussed this with the client so that we could agree on what would be done and importantly, why, to get their input and personal experience. This is very valuable to us as we endeavour to provide top-rate customer service and each client has unique needs that need to be met differently, which is why it is important to us to incorporate their knowledge. From this, we learned that criminal damage and graffiti is a problem in the area and so we included this into the specification that we would need to satisfy.

Bennetts Funerals site did have CCTV but it was the only analogue and so we upgraded this to HD 1080p so that in the case of criminal activity it would be much more reliable in capturing the criminal.

We also fitted automated gates so that the building and site would be less easily accessible to intruders; they also work as an effective deterrent to potential criminals and offer privacy to those within.


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