Burglars don't want to meet you!

Burglars are often opportunists who will target an open window, an unlocked door or valuables on display if they think they can get away with it. 

Did you know?

Most burglaries happen on weekdays, in daylight, when you're more likely to be enjoying days out or early evening walks before it gets dark!

What can you do to protect your home from that unwanted intruder?

86% of burglars report* that if they could hear a noise when approaching a property they would think again.

Get monitored

The first thing we recommend is a 24 hour monitored and maintained alarm system.  This type of system is really only as good as the installer.  There are many home alarm systems being installed across Essex which are cheap and do not protect your home.  You must always insist on a site survey and a tailored bespoke system as every house is different and only let an NSI Gold Installer (see below for more information) quote for the work.

Smart Home Alarms

Smart Alarms are the newest thing and give you total control over your home.  Let the cleaner or dog walker in via your phone even if you are not at home.  These systems allow you to remotely access your alarm from your smart phone activate and deactivate in seconds while you are on the go.


You may want a cleaner or dog walker to come in while you are at work.  You can unset the alarm remotely from your smartphone then activate again in seconds while you are on the go.


As well as locking up each time you leave you can also:

  • keep keys, cash and expensive items out of view
  • use timer switches on lights and radios to make your home look occupied
  • keep gates locked and boundaries secure – padlock your garden gate rather than a hook
  • lock away bikes, tools and garden items which could be stolen or used to break into your home.

You could also:

  • security-mark items including bikes, mobiles and laptops 
  • keep receipts, IMEI numbers and serial numbers safe
  • photograph and insure expensive or unique items
  • install a safe, bolted to the ground or a wall, or use a safety deposit box at the bank
  • register important items for free on the national Immobilise database – this can help us return them to you if they are stolen and then recovered.


NSI Gold Installer

An NSI Gold Installer has been inspected by NSI and their processes and practices in their business approved against standards to meet important regulations.  An NSI Gold Installer will tailor all your security solutions to you personally within your budget offering a quality installation that complies with law every time.

As part of this scheme, we provide 24 hour monitoring and maintenance contracts with a 4 hour response for all maintained customers. 

*Direct Line Group Research

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