We took a call on the Wednesday from the client to say that their event licence granted by a London Borough Council had been revoked after an altercation at the weekend before's event.

To appeal they needed to demonstrate further CCTV cameras in certain areas of their popular and very busy event. 

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Communicate UK CCTV Event Team were drafted in to help!

After a Site Survey from one of our surveyors we established they needed a further 4--6 5mp cameras to cover the areas of the event that had visual gaps.  

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A DVR Monitor was also installed and training provided to the event oganiser on how to download images ready for the Police.

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Within 24 hours a full 6 5mp CCTV Cameras were installed with a working DVR Monitoring System.  

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Communicate Event CCTV Hire was founded in order to provide essential security surveillance and monitoring services where required

Our aim is to assure event organisers and those they have a duty to protect that their safety is being monitored by sophisticated surveillance systems deployed and monitored by professionals. Your safety and security is our priority.

We do this by providing the latest technology in CCTV across the UK and offer bespoke solutions to your requirements due to each project presenting different needs and risks.

Benefits of our service

Rapid deployment of CCTV Hire equipment

Rapid deployment of CCTV Hire equipment

CCTV Engineers

Full support throughout your event with CCTV Engineers on site 24hours a day if required

wireless camera systems

Wireless camera systems available for the largest of events

steward and manned security

Full event steward and manned security packages available

Recorded footage supplied on a hard-drive

Recorded footage supplied to client's on a hard drive at the end of an event

We have supported a range of high profile events across Essex and London for a number of years.  To find out more about our Event Hire Packages visit www.eventcctv.com or email  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Why choose a Communicate UK Event Hire CCTV System?

  • All our CCTV Systems are designed and manufactured in the UK
  • Our friendly engineers are highly trained and DBS checked
  • Every camera we install is password protected
  • All our IP Cameras are High Definition
  • Our CCTV Footage will stand as evidence if required in a court room
  • Our cameras are set up within the Data Protection Act requirements
  • FREE CCTV signage required to be displayed by law are provided for every install



When you have 85,000 visitors and countless celebrities in one place their health & safety is paramount. The V-Festival in Chelmsford covers a vast area and CCTV is the only option to monitor such a large crowd over a wide area.

Management explained to our Communicate engineers that they needed to be able to monitor all access points at the perimeter of the venue, but also required the ability to monitor the crowd throughout the whole venue. Several offices across the site were used by security teams and the police, each requiring access to the live videos.

After a site survey the Communicate engineers recommended the installation of a hard wired CCTV camera solution at strategically placed sites across the venue. To achieve full coverage we recommended 12 fully operational dome cameras. These cameras are movable using a joy stick controller to enable viewing across a wider area. We also recommended 5 fixed cameras where movement wasn’t needed, and were fixed on a location.

Such was the complexity of the installation that we recommended a man on site throughout the whole event. In the event of an emergency or equipment failure our on-site engineer would be on hand to deal with the situation.


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