While you should secure your home all year round, there are certain times of the year when your property and belongings may be more vulnerable.

Many assume that summer is the time when many thefts happen when families are away on holidays. However, as the nights grow darker in winter, the risk of burglary increases. Most opportunistic thieves use big events such as Halloween, Bonfire Night, Christmas, and New Year’s Eve to their advantage when you are out on party, shopping or back in your garden enjoying the fireworks.

Another risk that comes along with this festive season, is fire - especially if you are holding your own firework celebration at your workplace or at your home, back in garden. Though indoor fire risk is less, accidents can happen and so it is vital to make sure that fire alarm systems are in good working order.

Communicate UK has expert security solutions to help keep your property safe and secure on these Dark Festive Nights.

1. Intruder Alarms

Whether you are out for Halloween party or back in your garden on the festive fireworks or on a family Christmas holiday, our Intruder Alarms provide you instant benefit against the burglars. it will act as a multi-layered defence programme when used alongside CCTV and motion detectors.


Investing in a CCTV system will not only help in festive season but will deter any criminals all year round. Many times, the very presence of a CCTV system will be enough to prevent would-be burglars or vandals from entering your property as it warns that their images will be forwarded to the police in the event of a break-in. Communicate UK provides powerful infrared Night Vision Cameras. Our 4K Cameras are smart enough to automatically switch to night vision and record in black and white as daylight falls.

3. Remote Monitoring

CommunicateUK also provides very sophisticated system through our 24/7 NSI Gold Accredited monitoring station that allows you to keep a protective eye on your loved ones, valuables, and property when you are away from home. Other home security systems go off once an intruder brake into your house while, a remote monitoring system send notifications to your smartphone when people are inside your premises or when doors are unlocked. You can also receive the notifications if you forget to arm your system and you can easily arm the system from your smartphone app.

4. Access Control

Keep the unwanted group of trick or treaters and possible intruders away with our smart telecom and access control system. While the CCTV and intruder alarms discourage the opportunistic intruders, access control systems will prevent illegitimate entry to your property. Having access control makes it extremely difficult to gain entry to your property or premises without the correct credentials.

5. Outdoor Security Lighting

Keeping all your property’s access points well-lit will sends a clear message to any would-be intruders that someone is home. Outdoor security lighting is a visible deterrent and proposes a great benefit working effectively to deter intruders, provided that it is placed in the optimum position and installed by a competent professional.

6. Home Automation

Our home automation systems will automatically switch your lights on and off as and when you want them to, not only being convenient and safe, but it will also save energy. It is a worthwhile investment to create the impression that someone is home and significantly reducing the risk of burglary.

7. Fire Alarm

Majority of fires and injuries which occurs on Bonfire night, happens at private parties and events. Communicate UK provides fire protection for your home, office, or factory. We install new systems and can extend and upgrade your existing fire alarm as well as providing fire extinguishers in case of emergency.


So, if you are looking to enhance the security of your property - our professional, experienced engineers will provide you with bespoke security solutions to fulfil your requirements.

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