New Way to change your Key Holders!


CommunicateUK has always strived to provide excellent customer service to all customers by providing timely, attentive and upbeat service to make sure their needs are met in a positive manner. CommunicateUK provides 24Hrs technical support.

We have now made it even more easier for our customers, to change their keyholders, even during the out of hours!

Now, no need to make any phone calls, just follow the steps below to send us your request through our website and one of our staff member will be on it.

By the next working day, your Key Holders will be changed!


Click on Need to change Key Holder?

On our website you will find a text 'Need to change the Key Holders?' on top right hand side corner. Just click on there and you will be directed to further steps ahead.


Provide all the necessary information.

You will be directed to one form where you need to fill all the required information along with your email address and unique password.* Provide the new keyholders' names with their contact numbers and submit the form.

*If you are unsure about the password than please call us on 01245 400044 between 9:00am to 2.30pm, from Monday to Friday.


Wait for the confirmation.

After submitting the form you will receive the confirmation message. Now you jcan just relax. One of our friendly staff members will look after your query and will contact you as soon as your keyholders have been changed !

Just give us a call on 01245 400044

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