Added layer of Security:

Apart from your Intruder Alarm system, Automated Gate systems provide an additional visible security layer and is a great way to prevent and deter unwanted intrusion to your property for both residential and commercial premises alike. They are excellent at providing extra privacy and peace of mind which is sometimes required.

Range of Automatic Gates:

Communicate UK provide a one-stop shop for your automated gate, from design to installation. You can choose from a range of designs and materials to complement your building. These include stainless steel and aluminium construction as well as wooden gates.

Our professional Engineers make it possible to apply automated gate systems to most existing gates, doors and barriers. Depending on your needs and preferences Communicate UK can help you to choose right type of gate. This includes Automated Swing Gate, Automatic Sliding Gates, Automatic Bi-Folding Gates and Automatic Vertical Lift Gates.

  • Automated Swing Gate
  • Automatic Sliding Gates
  • Automatic Bi-Folding Gates
  • Automatic Vertical Lift Gates
  • Telescopic Sliding Gates
  • Cantilever Sliding Gates

  1. Automated Swing Gate:

    Automatic swing gates are a popular choice as they’re easy to install and operate. They typically feature two doors on each side, swinging in the same direction to permit access.

    While choosing this type of gate one must ensure that the terrain on both sides of the gate is even. There must also be even surface on either sides and enough space in general for the gates to open and close all the way.

  2. Automatic Sliding Gates:

    Automatic sliding gates offer a high level of security and protection for residential and commercial properties. Rollers are attached to the bottom of the sliding gate allowing it to slide seamlessly across the track which is mounted parallel to the inside of the fence.

    Another advantage to automatic sliding gates is their strength and space. Since the gates slide in and out, as opposed to protrude inwards and outwards, even a relatively small driveway can accommodate this.

  3. Automatic Bi-Folding Gates:

    Bi-folding gates are similar in function as of swing gate but require less space and therefore are ideal for smaller spaces. The gates consist of two gate panels hinged together which fold in on themselves, which allows enough space for a car or pedestrian to enter or leave.

    Although bi-folding gates open quickly due to their folding nature, there is a greater amount of ‘entrapment points,’ thus making it necessary to take extra steps to ensure the surrounding area is safe.

  4. Automatic Vertical Lift Gates:

    These are a relatively new type of automatic gate where; the gates move up and down to grant access. The gates are held together with a vertical support tower. It has intelligent combination of a chain drive mechanism which ensures a smooth and precise performance, and the addition of counterweights which helps ease the burden on the motor, thus increasing the lifespan.

    Automatic vertical gates are an ideal choice if space is limited and the terrain is uneven.

  5. Telescopic Sliding Gates:

    Telescopic sliding gates comprise of several full height sections which slide closed next to each other. And so needs much less space to slide into than standard, single segment gates. Sliding into a space to one side of the gate entrance that must be longer than the full width of the gate, a separate track is required for each gate segment.

  6. Cantilever Sliding Gates:

    Cantilever sliding gates operate like sliding gates but instead of running along the tracks, they are weighted on one slide to allow the weight of the gate to be suspended off the ground.

    This set up allows cantilever gates to be employed on broader openings and they are often chosen for industrial applications.

Advantage of Automatic Gates:

Apart from the Security, Automated Gates gives you following additional benefits.

  1. Added value to your property

    The added security, convenience and privacy that electric gates offer can also contribute towards an increase in home value along with addition to kerb appeal. In corporations and businesses it clearly creates an impression to visitors and clients that your company cares about safety and quality.

  2. Privacy

    Whether you’re tired of motorists using your driveway to turn around, or if you’re simply looking for some privacy from prying eyes or neighbourhood pets – gates are the perfect way to give your home or business a little seclusion.

  3. Convenience

    A significant benefit of electric gates is the amount of convenience they provide. From opening the gates for your car access without stepping out of your vehicle, or leaving the kids and pets unattended to play around your house, to the benefits such as an employee or family member with mobility issues who may find it challenging to open and close heavy manual gates. Motorised gates solve all these issues.

  4. Aesthetical appeal

    Elegant and imposing, a gate is a beautiful addition to any property. It can become the pride of the place. A wide range of designs and styles available to give sleek and contemporary look or bring a more traditional touch to your home or business.

Takeovers, Repairs & Maintenance:

Communicate UK is not only specialised in new installation but also has the expertise to service, repair and maintain access control systems that were not originally installed by us. We can also provide training for most systems.

So, if you are looking to enhance the security of your property - our professional, experienced engineers will provide you with bespoke security solutions to fulfil your requirements.

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