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4K CCTV technology is setting a bench-mark advance in the world of CCTV Systems delivering the maximum video recording with sharp and clear images, wider viewing angles and are available in many shapes and sizes.

Is 4K CCTV for you?

The introduction of 4K resolution has obliterated some of the issues our customers faced when all they could achieve was a blurry image when they zoomed into their video recording of a thief taking their car off their drive or the unwanted intruder entering their business premises after dark.

In fact, 4K CCTV technology offers higher, more reliable image quality allowing for clarity in any part of the camera’s view together with better quality when zooming and focusing on different areas of the image. When using a wider viewing angle to obtain a larger coverage of your home or business property you will need less 4K security cameras as part of your installation.

You can trust the performance of these cameras when compared to standard resolution cameras offering over four times the resolution clarity to catch every detail. They record footage that is 65 – 100 feet away from it, such as license plates, facial features and written wording on clothing providing enough evidence for Police prosecution if necessary.

Our 4K Surveillance Cameras

Each 4K camera is weather resistant, has customisable motion detection with alerts and can be set in four different recording modes like manual, schedule, motion detection and continuous.

No matter if it is day or night, you’ll be able to see everything up to 100ft with the powerful infrared Night Vision. The camera is smart enough to automatically switch to night vision and record in black and white as daylight falls.

You can view live footage from anywhere, anytime you want using a free app on your mobile or iPad.

The cameras are hard wired into the NVR and can also be connected to a specific monitor or a 4K TV using an HDMI Cable to experience full 4K viewing in your business or in your kitchen at home!

These are just a few of the 4K cameras we are currently installing across Essex, London and the South East.


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